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Mountain bike wheels 29″

MTB wheels in carbon or aluminum

WheelsBike offers a wide range of mountain bike wheels and hubs, also for Cannondale lefty fork, for those who want top performance. Light and reactive MTB wheels designed for competitions. The MTB wheels are available in Aluminum and Carbon. The former assures rigidity to the wheel and better absorbs the vibrations caused by the impact with the ground. Carbon, on the other hand, assures maximum lightness, smoothness and handling. Because of their intended use, mountain bike wheels must undergo many impacts and tractions that far exceed those of the wheels on a racing bike. The impact with bumpy terrains, dirt and irregular surfaces naturally involves the need for sturdy, reliable, and specialized wheels for these specific routes. WheelsBike offers a wide range of MTB wheels, available in different sizes, materials and weights. The biker's choice depends on the use they make of the mountain bike: WheelsBike easily meets the needs of those practicing demanding activities, in terms of sturdiness, such as downhill, where wheels need to be wider and more robust.