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Handbike Wheels 20″

Handbike Wheels 26″ and 27,5″

Carbon or aluminum handbike wheels

HandBike is a growing sport activity; WheelsBike has created a line of wheels dedicated to this discipline. These wheels are suitable for both those who are starting out and those who practice the sport on a competitive level: wheels for handbikes but also for basketball wheelchairs. Available in aluminum and carbon, depending on the athlete's specific needs.

WheelsBike, always attentive to the needs of athletes, has developed HandBike wheels that are robust and reliable, perfect for uncompromising performances: many professional athletes from the Italian national team who have raced at the 2016 Paralympics in Rio have chosen the WheelsBike wheels. Through technological research and the use of the top materials, our workshops have designed a range of lightweight wheels with an essential structure.