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Handbike Wheels

Handbike Aluminium Slight Wheels 26″ Front

SKU: 17RU246-26-2
These aluminum Handbike wheels, born from the WheelsBike labs, are lightweight and have a solid, high quality structure. The wheel set weighs 2160 gr.


Technical data

sezione cerchio handbike slight alluminio
mozzo handbike wheelsbike nero slight
set ruote alluminio handbike wheelsbike slight nero particolare cerchio

Handbike Wheels

WheelsBike focused on the essence of the road wheel for HandBike. The search for simplicity goes through technological research and the use of the best materials. From the WheelsBike workshops comes one of its lighter wheels with the most essential and top quality structure that allows for the weight of 2160g for the whole set. Tested by the best athletes, these wheels are destined to be a reference point for those interested in a reliable and safe Italian product. Reliable and powerful this wheels will make your heart race faster than ever.