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Handbike Wheels

Handbike Carbon Slight Wheels 26″ Rear

SKU: 17RU283-HB650-1
The CARBON SLIGHT 26" handbike wheels are the top of the range. These wheels are our flagship for athletes searching for high quality racing wheels. The wheel set weighs 2130 gr.


Technical data

sezione cerchio handbike carbon
set ruote carbonio handbike wheelsbike slight mozzo
set ruote carbonio handbike wheelsbike slight cerchio

Handbike Wheels

Fully built in carbon T1000, with a woven and directional 1k weave. The H50 mm profile gives the wheel the right rigidity and a pleasant driving sensation on all terrains.

The hubs, fully built in Italy, are the result of WB design expertise and are assembled with materials of the best quality. The High Sliding bearings ensure smoothness and durability even under extreme conditions. Designed primarily for competitive use and built exclusively for tubular, it represents all of WheelsBike experience.