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Handbike Wheels

Handbike Carbon Wheels Twenty Color 20″

SKU: 17RU283R20500C
The T700 carbon lenticular 20" wheel have a structure representing the perfect compromise between lightness and inertial effect. Available in a version with a 25mm smooth axis or with an M16 thread fully compatible with the SLight SLR wheel hubs series.


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Technical data

set ruote carbonio 20 handbike twenty wheelsbike cerchio

Handbike Wheels

The 20″ lenticular wheel for HandBike was designed in conjunction with the World Champion and Olympic Gold medalist Vittorio Podestà. It is built with differentiated bearings and spacers designed to best distribute the loads and to achieve the maximum smoothness and reliability over time. The weight of the wheel has been especially designed for a quick pick up and a better speed control.