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Kit Tubeless System

SKU: kit-tubeless
The package includes: 01 tape H 22mm from 50 mt. in high pressure PPL 02 valves with removable mechanism 02 keys for dismantling the mechanism The "Tubeless" wheel conversion kit is the result of Wheelsbike ten-year experience. All the materials used are manufactured in Italy and comply with CEE regulations. Use: Properly clean the inside of the rim with a degreaser. Make sure that there are no bait in the rim holes. Apply the tape starting about 10 cm before the valve hole. Insert the tape into the inside of the rim by applying a traction to apply the tape. For more tightness it is recommended to double tape the rim. Cut the tape approximately 20 cm after the valve. Make sure the tape is firmly attached to the surface of the rim. Valves suitable for rims with 6.5mm holes.